Hengband Application for Mac OS X

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Source Code

If you want to compile the code yourself or examine the changes I made, you should first get the original source code from https://osdn.net/projects/hengband. I used the commit, 649a1e1e181b14d86c78ec4069b9f8c7082a4e66, on the master branch as the starting point. Then download http://ebranlun.users.sonic.net/Hengband-Aug2019-Patches.tgz to get an archive of the changes. In the archive there is a README.txt file describing how to apply the changes to the Hengband source code. Alternatively, you could download http://ebranlun.users.sonic.net/Hengband-Aug2019-GitPatches.tgz to get the changes formatted in a way so that you can apply them with "git am" and retain a better history for each change.

To compile the changed code and generate an English version of the game, run these commands from the top-level directory of the directory tree with the source code:

  1. ./configure --disable-japanese --enable-cocoa
  2. make install

That will create the full application, hengband.app, in the top-level directory. You can move that wherever you want. If you want the curses interface or, if you have the X11 libraries installed, the X11 interface, do not specify --enable-cocoa when running configure. To get the Japanese version, do not specify --disable-japanese when running configure. Compilation of the Japanese version requires the utility, nkf. Source code for that utility is available from https://osdn.net/projects/nkf/.

Eventually, the hope is that the changes made here will be incorporated into the standard version of Hengband and you can get both the source code and binaries from them.