Hengband Application for Mac OS X

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  1. August 27, 2019. Initial release
  2. August 29, 2019. Corrected three English game messages that could could cause crashes (from castle_quest() in bldg.c, spell_RF6_HEAL() in mspells4.c, and project_m() in spells1.c). Replaced more instances of "current_world_ptr->game_turn" with "turn" in English messages. Changed Mac OS X interface to avoid clearing artifacts along the tops of characters when using the Rockwell or DIN Condensed fonts. That change will mean less rows for a given terminal height with some fonts. There still are clearing artifacts on the right side of "@" with the Snell Roundhand and Zapfino fonts.
  3. September 10, 2019. Corrected two more English game messages that could cause crashes (from spell_RF6_HASTE() and spell_RF6_HEAL() in mspells4.c). Changed so that eating an unidentified item from the pack or reading an unidentified scroll from the pack would not have the potential to remove a different item from the pack. Changed so that aiming an unidentified wand from the pack or using an unidentified staff from the pack would not have the potential to remove a charge from a different item. Corrected some typos in the English version ("less" in some messages increasing a statistic; duplicated character level in monster recall; some corrections in the rumors). In the English version, made minor layout adjustments for the level indicator in the main screen, page indicator in the shops, and for the digging and infravision proficiencies in the character screen. For the Mac OS X interface, changed the rendering to reduce the clearing and clipping artifacts with fonts like Snell Roundhand and Zapfino. That will change the number of rows and columns that can be displayed in a given space with most fonts so you'll likely have to adjust your window layout. Added a bigcurs_hook implementation so that the cursor over a kanji character in the Japanese version will encompass the character.
  4. September 16, 2019. Changed floor-generate.c to avoid patches of unidentified terrain and crashes in dungeons like Yeek's den. Changes spells2.c to avoid an uninitialized variable and potential crash in one branch of probing(). Changed cmd-smith.c to correct a misleading English message about enhancing multiple items. For the English version, modified monster1.c to avoid missing output in monster recall and compiler warnings about unused expressions. Made several changes for grammar or clarity in English messages. Changed a cast in files.c to avoid a compiler warning. For the Mac OS X interface, changed the names for the terminal windows in the Window menu to match the names in the windows' title bars. Localized Info.plist for Japanese and changed the Japanese version of the menus to use 変愚蛮怒 instead of hengband. Adjusted some of the automake files to carry over more files when "make dist" is run. Changed the handling of Objective C in configure.ac for better portability also reduced the number of library dependencies for the Cocoa version.